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Welcome to the Estuary Yoga Studio at the Estuary Clinic Topsham, Exeter. We have a wonderful team of experienced and knowlegable yoga teachers providing high quality yoga classes to the Topsham & Exeter community.

We have a weekly class schedule, regular yoga workshops, retreats and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programme certified by Yoga Alliance.

What we Offer

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Exeter Yoga Classes

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Exeter Yoga Workshops

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Why the Estuary Studio?

  • Team of Experienced & Knowledgable teachers
  • Professional excellence guaranteed
  • Maximum of 9 students per class enabling personal attention
  • Working within an integrated health team

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian science, which has evolved over thousands of years, and has been shown to improve health at all levels – physical, mental, social and spiritual.
In just one class, you will feel positive changes, and the more you practise, the greater the benefits.

The beauty about yoga is that it is for everyone, no matter what your age, size, ability, or fitness level. Yoga is non-competitive, it takes into consideration that everyone is different, so the class is your own, you choose what is right for you, but under expert supervision.

Styles of Yoga

You may have seen yoga classes described in a variety of ways. Under the umbrella term of ‘yoga’ (which means ‘union’), there are many different styles of teaching and approaches to the practice. These styles have been influenced by ancient traditions, dedicated experts, modern practices and a growing demand for better wellbeing in a fast-paced Western world.

It is important to remember that all forms of yoga carry the same objective – to cultivate a connection between body and mind, and develop a sense of inner peace, physical health and self respect.

Here is a short summary to describe each style of yoga we offer at Estuary Clinic. The best way to understand what yoga can offer you is to try a class. You can also contact us and speak to a teacher, who will help you find a class to suit your needs and abilities.

yogaThe mother of all yoga! A traditional form from which all other styles of yoga stem from. Hatha yoga originated in India, with the Indian sage Patanjali creating a comprehensive guide to the practice of yoga, known as the Yoga Sutras. Hatha yoga incorporates eight elements of practice, each one building towards a state of enlightened bliss. In a hatha class, asana (posture work) and pranayama (breath work) are most commonly practiced, to balance opposing energies in the body, and prepare the mind for meditation.

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