Unfortunately  Jo Hamilton is no longer with us. 

However she does practice:

Namaste Barn Yoga & Meditation Studio,
TQ13 0BH 

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Exeter & Devon

TRE / Trauma and

Tension Release Exercises




We are proud to be able to provide Exeter & Devon TRE / Trauma release exercises here at the clinic with Jo Hamilton. This is an upcoming therapy that has attracted a lot of attention in the media.


Please think of yourself as a computer for a moment.

When our computer goes wrong, we don’t always have the solution, often there can be a collection of things that led to its slowing down. Any number of glitches throw a spanner in its machinery. Sometimes, what is needed is a reboot or I am reliably informed in computer speak, a defrag! This involves clearing old programmes stuff that’s redundant that no longer has a value or purpose, as this slows the function of our computer down. Once we defrag or reboot we return our computer to its factory settings, and we have a healthy functioning  easy to use computer again.

TRE Trauma Release Exercises are a defrag and reboot for both our emotional and physiological hard drive. Just like a computer, some of life’s downloads, such as the stressful traumatic events, affects our system a bit like a computer virus. They’re not supposed to be saved. They need to be cleared from our system in order that we can function in a healthy balanced way. We need to save only the information we  need and delete the stuff we don’t.

In the animal kingdom mammals have an instinctive reboot, which is activated automatically following any stressful or traumatic event. Following the event they instinctively release the tension through tremoring and shaking. You may have seen on a wildlife programme, once a  gazelle has escaped from becoming a lion’s dinner and is  out of danger, it will tremble and shake releasing the trauma energy. It will then happily get on with grazing as if life couldn’t be more tranquil. It can do this because it has released/shaken off the fact that five minutes earlier it was nearly someone else’s lunch!

We humans are also genetically encoded to do the same, but through our social evolution and the development of our brain’s prefrontal cortex we have misinterpreted shaking as a sign of trauma rather than a remedy and process of recovery from trauma.

TRE allows us to untie  our bodies from our past experiences.


You may think “but all my issues are in my head not my body”. But current research is confirming that one affects the other and vice versa. When we experience ANY stress, tension, anxiety or trauma an instinctive response directed by an area of our brain called the amygdala reads this as a threat to our survival . It causes our body to contract and  our brain to activate the release of stress hormones. If we do not use our instinctive reboot to release this contraction, the tightness remains in our body .The brain then interprets from the continued contraction  that the threat is still present and so keeps us  fuelled with adrenaline ready to fight our foe, that’s the buzzed tensed feeling we experience. Until the brain can sense the release of the deep fight or flight muscles it will keep us primed for defence.

Now consider how many stressful events we may have encountered during our life, each one squeezing and contracting us a little more. Eventually we experience, back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, abdominal pain infact eventually pain can affect any part of our body.How often have we heard the phrase  “when I heard the news I felt a knot in my stomach” or“I was so upset I had a lump in my throat”.Perhaps the last time you felt upset or stressed you felt tension in your shoulders and neck. These are some examples of our issues affecting our tissues.

TRE is a safe comfortable and natural process. People describe it as relaxing, enjoyable. uplifting and  some find it deeply calming. Our bodies when reacquainted with its reboot through TRE just want to release and restore, knowing they are returning to a place of calm and natural balance.

To learn more about TRE and Dr David Berceli who developed TRE please take a look www.traumaprevention.com you can hear stories from people who have benefited from TRE and see more videos of peoples tremor experiences.


A TRE session involves some simple easy to do exercises that re-activate the instinctive tremor mechanism.   In the vast majority of experiences it is a pleasurable relaxing some say meditative experience. We can trust in our bodies deeper visceral intelligence to restore us. This is instinctive, accurate and deeply restorative. When we activate the tremors in this relaxed calm way, it  makes our journey to balance and emotional release enjoyable and relaxing.

My charges are £45.00 for an hour and £60.00 for  an hour and a half.  This can be paid either by cash or cheque. Our first session will be an hour and a half.


Once you have experienced TRE please register your interest by email to  [email protected] if you would like to join a local TRE group shake –  Topsham Shake

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