A.Richards (Devon)
I have consulted John for an ongoing condition for several years, and his treatment has been very successful and now only requires acupuncture to maintain health. I particularly appreciate that John uses up to date evidence on which to base his treatment and he is very clear about the efficacy (or not) of acupuncture for a range of conditions. John has a calm and re-assuring manner and I believe that he is a very thoughtful and reflective practitioner. I would recommend his work without hesitation.

J.Delve (Devon)
After suffering for a number of weeks with upper back and shoulder pain I visited the clinic for treatment. John was highly professional and knowledgable and spent time discussing the possible causes of the pain through understanding my day-to-day routines. John very quickly established that poor posture was most likely causing muscular problems and the resulting massage and manipulation of the area has, within a week, hugley improved my shoulder and no longer affects my day to day activities. As well as the treatment given directly by John, the overall service included him teaching me a number of streches and exercises to practice at home which has helped my shoulder heal and strengthen as well as improve my awareness of my own posture. I am aware that the clinic offer a large range of treatments for a large range of health issues and I would highly recommend anyone with any muscular aches and pains to visit them – no doubt the cause of the problem will be quickly identified and the treatment greatly effective.

G.Martin (Devon)
I visited John after he was highly recommended to me. I had received treatment elsewhere for chronic tendonitis and tennis elbow with no success. John is fully qualified in both osteopathy and acupuncture and was able to use his skills in diagnosing and treating the root of my problems using both disciplines. I am delighted to report that I have made steady progress after each session and am now feeling 100% better. The Estuary Clinic is such a lovely environment in which to be treated and at all times I have received totally professional and effective care and advice. Thank you John.

A.Doughty (Devon)
Although I had no idea what to expect, I first visited Lisa for acupuncture following a particularly emotionally stressful time, having lost a couple of pregnancies. Within two sessions with Lisa, not only had I significantly reduced this emotional tension but I had also become pregnant (although I didn’t know it at that point!). I’m now 32 weeks along and feel absolutely certain that Lisa’s acupuncture sessions have changed my life for the better. I feel so much calmer than I’ve ever felt and my husband says he can’t believe the positive change he’s seen in me! If you’re considering acupuncture but aren’t sure whether it will work for you, I say give it a go. I was a little sceptical at first but am absolutely amazed at what a few needles and the skill of someone like Lisa can do! So thank you, Lisa – you really have turned my life around 🙂

J.Hawalewycz (Devon)
I have been receiving treatment from John for a shoulder problem, which I had been experiencing for quite a few months, prior to seeing him. Physio treatment and exercises had had little effect in alleviating the pain; which at times was excruciating, I decided to try acupuncture and looked on line for practitioners. I was impressed by John and Lisa’s website and actually ended up seeing John by default, as Lisa was starting her maternity leave the day after I contacted her. John combines a warm and caring welcome with an extremely professional approach. He explains what causes the pain and the treatment needed. The pain in my shoulder has lessen a great deal, thanks to the combination of skills and treatments which John offers. Also the clinic’s location is good and easy to get to, without having to travel to Exeter itself.

T.Blaker (Devon)
John has made a significant difference to the quality of my life, within a few surprisingly effective treatments he dramatically improved my health. For the last five years I have been booking a few treatments a year, whenever I feel that my well-being is slipping. This is so effective that I have been without issue since! John is an interesting and knowledgeable practitioner and is always able to clearly explain any treatment he provides in a rational and reasoned manner. I highly recommend that you try a treatment and feel confident that you will be as impressed as I have been.

L.Barraclough (Devon)
Thank you for all your help. Having never had acupuncture before I did not know what to expect, but Lisa made me feel very relaxed with her professional approach and calm manner. Would recommend Lisa to anyone.

S.Sam (Devon)
After seeing my GP with extreme pain and loss of feeling in my hands he recommended cortisone injections and surgery, I felt this was extreme treatment for someone of my age (36) so spoke to Lisa about the possibility of acupuncture. I noticed improvements in pain relief within 3 treatments and shortly after improved sensation and feeling in fingertips and hands. Following our initial consultation with Lisa I felt confident and positive, she was professional and thorough whilst managing expectations. Each treatment was different but always pain free and left me feeling relaxed and happy. The results are astounding and better still, have lasted for over a year. I would not hesitate in recommending the clinic.

M.Sykes (Devon)
I cannot recommend John highly enough. After one session I was SO much more comfortable. Within three sessions I had recovered. I had regularly seen a fabulous osteopath in Bath & was really reluctant to see anyone else – but was forced to – due to my relocation to Devon. I needn’t have worried. John is absolutely brilliant. He uses acupuncture alongside osteopathy – a real benefit!