Sam Forder

Sam Forder

Tai Chi Instructor

Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi 

Tai Chi ExeterBSc (Hons) Tai Chi Instructor

Sam started his career as a tai chi instructor in 2003 when he completed a course in Yang style tai chi with Keith Goode in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He furthered his understanding of Yang style with Joe Salmon and qualified to teach tai chi, qigong and qi theory in 2012. Over the past 14 years Sam’s sincere determination to understand tai chi has lead him to train in 2 other main styles, namely Wudang style and Cheng Man Ching style. He now focuses on teaching one main style, the highly popular ‘Cheng Man Ching style’. Sam brings practical knowledge and experience from Asia and draws from his background in meditation, yoga, capoeira and modern jive;

‘Tai chi is a diverse exercise and draws from various disciplines. It has ancient roots and there are many pathways to go down. It spans meditation, philosophy, medicine and is embodied as a martial art, it is a brilliant exercise. People enjoy practicing it from all ages and abilities. People practice for many different reasons. The contemporary scientific evidence supports the age old belief that tai chi can greatly help a person to live a healthy lifestyle. We find that people generally come back and continue to practise, because they enjoy the exercise.’

At the Estuary Clinic the groups are small with no more than 6 people practicing at one time, each class is tailored to fit what people need and want. Different groups practice different parts of the tai chi curriculum. Exercises are done slowly and smoothly and are done from a standing position.

To contact Sam please either see his website or phone him on 075544 26450.