Ruth Bennett

Ruth Bennett

Clinical Pilates Instructor 

Clinical Pilates, 

As well as being a Physiotherapist & Massage Therapist here at Estuary Clinic, Ruth also teaches Clinical Pilates, a Back Care class and a Baby massage class.

Ruth trained as a Pilates Instructor with the British School of Yoga and has also trained with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute.

Ruth applies her Physiotherapy knowledge to create safe exercises for her Pilates students and often uses Pilates exercises within her Physiotherapy treatment so the two approaches go well together hand in hand.

In keeping with our Integrated approach here at Estuary Clinic, our Yoga Teacher Lisa and Physiotherapist Ruth combined forces to design a Back Care Course. Back pain is so common with 80% of the UK’s population experiences back pain at some point within the lives. Exercise has been shown to reduce episodes of back pain so Lisa and Ruth designed a course to provide safe and effective exercises, along with Physiotherapy advice and education, to help prevent or treat back pain.

Ruth holds a Diploma in Baby Massage and has really enjoyed teaching the class here at Estuary Clinic. ‘The babies respond so well to massage and it is so lovely to see a difference during the 6 weeks in both mum and baby! Of course as a Physiotherapist I can’t help but give out post-natal physio advice during the course and we often go through core and pelvic floor activation as well as stretches and exercises for the back and shoulders.