Osteopathy & Sporting Injuries

sporting injuries & osteopathy

Osteopathy clinics are now seeing more sporting injuries than ever before. And not surprisingly sporting professionals are seeking the help of osteopaths around the globe. Osteopaths are being requested to address all manner of sporting injuries for individuals and teams.

The England football team took their own osteopath with them to the World Cup this year.Osteopaths have also beeb seen on the side of the courts at Wimbledon treating injured shoulders during the tennis. In 2012, during the Olympic Games in London, a dedicated team of osteopaths were treating top Olympic athletes in over forty sporting areas.The European Indoor Athletics Championships in 2017 saw Osteopaths as part of the medical team there.

Here at the Estuary Clinic we treat a large number of sporting injuries for elite athletes and amateurs alike, from a variety of sporting disciplines, including: rugby, football, martial arts, boxing, cycling, tennis, golf, marathon running to name but a few. The people seen range from sporting professionals, fitness enthusiasts, teenagers to retirees.

What can I expect from my first Osteopathy appointment?
If you have not visited us before we will take an in-depth case history and provide a full examination, so that we are able to give a thorough diagnosis. This will enable us to look at all the treatment options available to you. We will then tailor a programme to suit your individual needs.This may be exercise and rehabilitation. It maybe necessary to refer you for further treatment e.g MRI or X-ray.

As Osteopaths we understand the mechanism behind connective tissue overload and the functional anatomy of an area and its wider role in the movement system.

Our aims are to:
Provide pain relief
Prevent further injury.
Treat the cause of your pain.
Get you back to enjoying your sport.

Sports injuries and related complaints we commonly see include:
Tennis Elbow & elbow pain (lateral epicondylitis)
Plantar Fasciitis
Shin Splints
Achilles Tendonitis
Ankle Sprain
Pulled muscles
Shoulder Pain (including Rotator Cuff Injury)
Knee Injuries including IT Band Syndrome (Runner’s knee)
Groin strain
Hip Strain
Hamstring strain
Golfer’s Elbow

If you are struggling with a sports injury contact us and we will endeavour to get you back to your optimum performance.
For further advice and an appointment please contact us by calling 01392 875 770 or book online today.