What to Expect?

Why People Choose Us?

Our Osteopaths at the Estuary Clinic in Topsham near Exeter treat a wide range of conditions. We have experience in treating problems from acute to chronic pain. This could be anything from foot and ankle pain to headache.

Our experienced team focus not just on your pain, but also on looking at the root of your problem.

Your first Visit

During your first visit we aim to identify the tissue or tissues causing your pain. For example if it is back pain we look to identify if the pain is coming from muscle, ligament, facet, nerves etc and what physiological and biomechanical processes might be occurring.

The consultation begins with a thorough case history. Questions will be directed on identifying how and when the pain developed along with understanding your lifestyle activities to past medical history.


Following your case history we perform an examination. This may include orthopaedic test, and systemic examinations such as neurological, cardiovascular, abdominal, respiratory etc, providing us with clearer evidence to identify the cause of your problem.

Following your examination your working diagnosis will be explained to you along with along with options to best resolve your problem. This may involve a treatment plan if appropriate or referral for further investigations .


Once a treatment plan has been put into place and you are happy to receive treatment we can begin osteopathic treatment. The type of osteopathic treatment you receive depends on many factors. Physical treatments such as massage or manipulation is not always suitable for everyone.

For example you may be in acute pain or have a condition involving elements of sensitisation. In which case gentle modalities may be more appropriate such as cranial osteopathy or myofascial osteopathic techniques. Alternatively the area of pain may not be worked on directly. Focus would be on how to of load stress from the affected tissues.

How many treatments are required?

Our Osteopaths aim is to get you back to full health as quickly as possible. Your rate of recovery will depend on several factors including your age, general health, sensitivity to treatment, activities in your life, as well as the type of problem you have.

On average, 3 to 4 treatments are usually sufficient to resolve most problems. Having said this once a diagnosis has been established a clearer ideas of number of treatments can be provided.

Adverse Reactions

Although we try our best to avoid causing discomfort, it is not uncommon to feel a little temporary tenderness following treatment. This should last no longer than 48 hours followed by an improvement with your symptoms.

What should you wear?

In order to accurately assess the areas to be treated you may be asked to remove a certain amount of clothing. You are therefore asked to wear suitable underwear or shorts.

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What to expect from an osteopath?

Patients consulting an osteopath are entitled to a high standard of care. Download HereGOSC Leaflet