Move to improve your pelvic floor

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Your pelvic floor needs movement to function well.  With most of us now experiencing a sedentary lifestyle pelvic floor muscles have gone soft too.  It’s a muscle after all and it needs to be exercised to keep in working at optimal performance.

It’s vital to keep active, stay fit, move well and get the maximum benefit of a fully functioning pelvic floor.  It’s not just you that will benefit but your loved ones too.

Movement doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym hard.  In fact that can be as detrimental as not exercising. Inappropriate exercises at the gym which are loaded with too much pressure, can have a massively negative impact on the pelvic floor muscles if they are too weak to cope with those exercises.

Just taking a few simple steps towards increasing your level of movement in your day can have a huge impact on the condition of your pelvic floor.

What you can do to add movement

  1. Take the stairs as much as possible
  2. Use squatting positions when caring out simple tasks, for instance when standing up from a chair or the toilet.
  3. When you are carrying out housework utilise this time to squat or bend.
  4. Stand as much as possible.

It’s also about the variety of movements in our daily lives that impact on our pelvic floor function.  This requires a varied range of motion and different movement for the joints and different muscles.

Sitting at a desk all day then hitting the gym for an hour before you sit down in front of the TV is not not necessarily the healthier option.

We have learnt to live a very convenient life in everything that we do, we no longer have to walk miles to get our food or find a bush to squat under.  We have everything at our finger tips, our home office may only be a few steps away from our sofa.  The car parking spot is outside the shop, it is all so easy to find time to do less.

Therefore, it’s vital to incorporate as much movement through our sedentary day as possible.

What you can do in addition to movement

  1. Change your chair and the position.
  2. Sit on the floor.
  3. Look at other ways you stand or move, and if you haven’t for a while, take a walk, squat and stretch it out.
  4. Step up your pace.
  5. Move on different surfaces, grass & concrete or sand.
  6. Use smaller cups for your tea and keep going back to the pot for more.
  7. Don’t load up the log fire – keep returning to it add another log and then another later etc.
  8. Get up and move after reading a few pages in your book.
  9. Leave some of your shopping bags unpacked and come back later.
  10. Don’t wash up all in one go.  Go back later.

These may sound like trivial and time consuming acts, but over the course of the evening or your day you will be amazed at how much more movement and variety of movements you will have achieved by decreasing the size of your activity in order to do more.

If your pelvic floor is not functioning as it should there are specialist practitioners here that can offer you advice and support as well as an exercise plan.

Our specialist women’s health physiotherapist can help devise a treatment plan that is right for  you to get back to optimal health and enjoying life to the full.