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Mindfulness Exeter – Estuary Clinic

Welcome to the Estuary Clinic & Studio in Topsham, Exeter. We have a wonderful team of experienced and knowledgable practitioners & teachers providing high quality mediation and mindfulness education to the Topsham & Exeter community.

Mindfulness is now widely recognised by medical professions and scientific researchers to be a valuable aid in dealing with our modern busy day lives. In essence it is drawing our minds attention to the present observing what is going on inside and outside ourselves through time.

What we Offer

Why the Estuary Studio?

  • Team of Experienced & Knowledgable teachers
  • Professional excellence guaranteed
  • Maximum of 9 students per class enabling personal attention
  • Working within an integrated health team

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a life skill found in many eastern cultures exhibiting many different forms.

It involves oneself going silently within themselves. During mediation another level of consciousness can be attained. Meditation can be seen as the natural way of silencing the mind.

Through silencing our minds with meditation we can detach ourselves from our daily world routines and stresses. This can bring a sense of inner peace and joy.

Benefits of Mindfulness / Meditation

  • Reduces the stress hormone – Cortisol
  • Changes the brain in a protective way
  • Provides us with more control over our emotions and pain processing
  • Has been shown to lower the risk  of depression in certain groups
  • Has been shown to improve our quality of sleep