Sports Massage 


What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of deep soft tissue bodywork which combines the traditional Swedish massage techniques such as effleurage (to ‘skim’) and petrissage (to ‘knead’), with more advanced techniques often associated with osteopathy and physiotherapy. These include soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, positional release, and muscle energy techniques.

Sports massage Treatment

A Sports Massage session includes a more in-depth assessment and evaluation than in other therapeutic massage settings, with a comprehensive treatment plan and in-depth rehabilitation programme where necessary. Referral to other disciplines may also be a necessary part of integrated treatment.

The benefits of Sports Massage therapy are not limited to athletes and regular gym-goers. It is an appropriate treatment for anyone regardless of physical fitness, age or gender who needs specialist remedial bodywork. It can be beneficial for aches and pains related to poor posture, overuse and repetitive strain, in a post-surgical or post-injury setting, and is an excellent adjunct to physiotherapy, osteopathy and rehabilitative therapy.

Within a sporting context, Sports Massage is a useful part of an athlete’s regular training programme, having a cumulatively beneficial effect on the tissue, improving flexibility, performance and recovery, and helping to prevent injury.

Sports massage Evidence


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