Herb Walks

Our experienced and highly respected medical herbalist Isobel will be offering herb walks locally during the spring and summer months.  If you have a garden, allotment or a favourite walk where you’d like a guided herb walk, please contact Isobel.

Bank Holiday Monday 25th August – Topsham Herb Walk

 A walk around Topsham exploring nature’s medicine chest with local herbalist Isobel Ravden. From the so-called weeds growing between paving slabs to the cultivated shrubs and flowers in our gardens, discover the current and historical uses of the plants growing all around us. Starting from the Estuary Clinic at 5.00pm.  Enjoy some light refreshments on our return to the clinic.

£8 per person.

Future herb walks:

Double Locks to the Quay

A guided walk along the banks of the River Exe and the canal between the Double Locks and Exeter Quay.  We will be looking at a huge variety of medicinal plants, both wild and cultivated – ‘weeds’, flowers and trees alike.   Discover historical and current uses as well as fascinating folklore surrounding common plants you might usually walk past without noticing.   There will be opportunities to taste, smell and sample some of nature’s medicine along the way.  Everyone who comes on the walk will receive a £5 voucher to use on their first visit to the Estuary Clinic.  In the event of inclement weather, plans may change at short notice.

To book please call us on 01392 875 770 or email us [email protected]