exeter back check

Do you have a pain in the back or any other Joints? Struggling to manage general aches and pains? Or may be you’re wanting to improve your general posture.

We provide a FREE back and posture analysis to identify any postural and muscle imbalances which may be contributing to your pain or your spine’s function.

Have you tried other therapies with limited success?

Then arrange your free spinal check today with one of our highly experienced registered Osteopaths or Chartered Physiotherapist. Although we call this a ‘Spinal & Postural Check’, we will investigate anything from a knee problem to neck pain.

  1. This is a 20 minute process
  2. The experience is a free introduction to Osteopathy or Physiotherapy
  3. Free advice about your posture
  4. Free examination of your spine
  5. Check whether we can help you or not, without wasting your money
  6. You have an informed choice to your options
  7. There is nothing to lose but 20 minutes of your time.
  8. You have no obligation to come back but we would greatly appreciate it if you could like or share this page on Facebook or support us on any other social media below.

Our team are always happy to help or give advice, to book your FREE Back Check with no obligations Call 01392 875770

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