Pregnancy Physiotherapy Specialists


Physiotherapy treatment for Pregnancy and Postnatal

The odd ache or pain can be quite normal with the natural changes that occur with your body during pregnancy.

However persistent pain during pregnancy is not normal leading to a lot of distress and irritability. This can be managed quite successfully with the right advice and treatment approach.

Our experienced Pregnancy Physiotherapist Susie Hill, has worked in the Centre for Excellence in Women’s Health for over ten years.  

If you are struggling with pain we can help you return to a more comfortable state allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy. We will provide  you with a greater knowledge and understanding of what body changes occur during your pregnancy and advice you on how to be in the best shape for childbirth and beyond.


What does Pregnancy Physiotherapy treat?

With pregnancy physiotherapy we  specialise in treating:

> Pelvic girdle pain

> Symphysis pubis dysfunction

> Diastasis recti and linea alba

> Pelvic floor and incontinence problems

> Lumbar or thoracic back pain & neck pain

> Sciatica and other referred pain

> Carpal tunnel syndrome

> Tendonopathies