Doris Marcelo

Doris Marcelo

L3 Pilates Instructor 

Mat Pilates, 

Doris is qualified L3 Pilates Instructor; practicing Pilates for over 20 years; she is a keen sports enthusiast with love for water sports in particular; Kayaking, Scuba diving and swimming where she’s a teacher also.

She became Pilates instructor after training, inspired by the benefits first-hand she experienced on her body by practicing Pilates regularly as recommended by her physiotherapist and as a result, she overcome health issues associated with joint & back pain she was suffering since 2007. She is a language teacher of Spanish by profession; her first degree with over 25 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language in The UK from beginners to advanced level.

Doris applies Joseph Pilates’ fundamentals’ she learned, in her Mat Pilates Classes; using his Techniques and adapting them to the needs of her clients, focusing on build up core strength through control breathing exercises, improving posture alignment and flexibility.

Her classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. She would like you to please arrive promptly to her sessions allowing few minutes before starting to review your present needs and respond to any queries.

You can contact Doris by email: [email protected] by phone; 077 69687319 or on her webpage and through messenger;