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  • Please call counsellors directly to see what is most appropriate.
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Here at the Estuary Clinic Topsham, Exeter we offer a professional service  in a safe, confidential and supportive environment working alongside an integrated health team. Our clinic Counsellor Judy Gibbons is a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Counselling (& Psychotherapy) is a recognised medical profession where people can explore their issues in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. Its somewhere the client can have the time and space to focus on themselves. Sometimes referred to as ‘talking therapy’.

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Appointments can be made through calling the counsellors directly or through the Clinic.

Please see below for our counselling team, and for further details.

Meet the Counsellor


Judy Gibbons

What is Counselling?

At certain times of our lives we can experience difficulties and distress. Often this can be helped through talking with our friends or family. Sometimes you wish to discuss things further with someone independent who have more experience in understanding how we think or process things in our mind.

You don’t have to be in crisis, or close to it, to choose to see a counsellor. You maybe feeling that something is not quite right but unable to understand why. This may be a good time to consider therapy to assist in rationalising and clarifying your thoughts. 

Counselling can be complimentary to other medical interventions, and often people are referred through their GP or other medical professional.

Our lives can be so busy with many conflicting demands. As we travel the roller-coaster of life, we endure and tolerate the ups and downs. But can sometimes find the downs too much or too often and maybe find ourselves stuck or overwhelmed, unable to see or even appreciate there’s a way out.

Understanding Counselling

 Counselling can enable you to see from new perspectives and through becoming more aware of the issues and understanding how you tick, can lead to choices and often change.

Counselling isn’t a cure all and doesn’t promise to ‘fix’ things, however, it can be solution focussed and sometimes instead of trying to be someone different, help you learn to accept who you really are.

Ethical framework for councelling

All BACP members have to work in accordance with the Ethical Framework
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