Move to improve your pelvic floor

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Your pelvic floor needs movement to function well.  With most of us now experiencing a sedentary lifestyle pelvic floor muscles have gone soft too.  It’s a muscle after all and it needs to be exercised to keep in working at optimal performance. It’s vital to keep active, stay fit, move well and get the maximum benefit of a fully functioning …

Happy Feet

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At a time when we are all obsessing about mindfulness and quietening our minds, we are in danger of neglecting the very area that supports us physically and roots us to the ground. Our feet. Toe the line We rely on them for all our activities whether we are an athlete or just popping to the shops.  We need to …

Is Physiotherapy or Osteopathy the right treatment path for you?

Physiotherapy or osteotherapy treatment path

At this time of year we are often running on empty after a busy year juggling work, family and other commitments.  We are prone to more illnesses and accept when the colds and flu season comes by, like an uninvited guest, making their annual visit. Along with the darker nights and colder days our bodies start to feel the niggles …

Why cycling really is better for our health

Integrated approach to Pain?

What is Pain? Pain is very much a unique and personal experience which can be influenced by your beliefs, past experiences, emotions, culture and many other factors. It is the brain’s ‘perception of the threat to the body’. Each part of your body contains many sensors that constantly send messages to the brain with information about the current state of …

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and is common in peopled aged 40-60. Those that are affected are generally people who are required to stand for long periods of time, walk or run on hard surfaces, either through sport or occupation and for the overweight. What causes it? Not stretching out your calf muscles …

Osteopaths Top 10 Tips for Back Pain

Osteopath back pain tips

With the approaching summer energy and the engagement of increased out door activities don’t forget to look after your backs. Here is a short list of tips on how to look after your back from our Osteopath. If you are currently in pain, its best to address the problem sooner rather than later. Don’t forget we offer a free back check …


poor sitting posture

RICE for injuries