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Antenatal Classes at Estuary Clinic

Here at the Estuary Clinic Topsham, Exeter we are delighted to have Sarah Masson teaching antenatal classes and workshops. Sarah runs a comprehensive 5 hour 'Complete Birth' antenatal workshops suitable for expecting parents.

In adjunction to this Sarah also runs 6 week Calm Birth Antenatal Classes,  for expectant mums, providing the perfect place for you to relax and bond with your baby in a safe nurturing environment confidently preparing you for a positive birth.

Thursdays at 7pm - Calm Birth Antenatal Classes 

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Sarah Masson

About our Antenatal Classes

Complete birth workshop

This is a 5 hr Complete Birth antenatal workshop for expectant mums and their birth partners, within a safe communal space. Our effective and all encompassing pregnancy class help you to learn your antenatal education in a truly effective way – anchored to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day. The course encompasses informed birth choices, hypnobirthing breathing techniques, massage and relaxation into one class.

workshop Content

  • ​About Active Birth Effective breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Understanding the importance of hormones
  • Benefits of different active birth positions
  • Learning how your body works and how to support it
  • What options are available to you
  • Birth interventions and pain relief
  • Relaxation techniques/Massage
  • Tips in case birth slows or stalls
  • Creating the right birth environment for you
  • The important role of your birth partner

This workshop provides the ideal opportunity to meet other expectant mums and partners. For further details please see Sarah's website:

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Calm Birth Classes

This women only class will help to remove the fear that surrounds birth. It is a wonderful mixture of gentle active birth yoga, antenatal education, breathing techniques and hypnobirthing relaxations. It will help you to feel calm whilst you learn about your body and baby during pregnancy and birth. No previous yoga experience is needed.

Birth experience matters and these classes are designed for every expectant mother, no matter how you plan to birth. Surround yourself with other pregnant women in a positive, supportive environment and have the space to prepare for the birth of your baby. This class will leave you feeling in control, informed and excited about your baby's birth

workshop Content

  • Gentle pregnancy yoga to help throughout pregnancy
  • Preparing your body for labour
  • What is Active Birth?
  • How you can work with your body and baby
  • What options are available to you in labour Breathing and shavasana yoga relaxations
  • The perfect place to meet expectant mothers in a positive, supportive environment
  • Become part of an amazing local community

For further details please see Sarah's website:


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