Annah Herbert Graham

Annah Herbert Graham

Yoga Instructor 

Yoga Nidra,  


Annah yoga teacher

“When I was a student, I started attending yoga classes as a way to relax, disconnect and recover from a running injury. However, I found the more I practiced, the more focused and connected I became. This new self awareness led me to embark on a journey of discovery across India, Australia, Europe and the USA. Everywhere I have been, yoga has played a central part in my life. It is who I am and what I do, and I love sharing this passion with my friends, family and students alike.”
Yoga training:

Annah completed the 200 hour Certificate in Yoga Education at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nashik, India, in 2010. This was an immersive training, in which students lived in an Indian ashram environment for the duration of the course. This gave her a secure grounding in traditional Hatha yoga practices, and sparked an interest in yogic philosophy and lifestyle.

Since then, she has been teaching yoga to groups and individuals of all ages and abilities across the South of England.

In 2013, she travelled to New York to study with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor at the Strala studio in Soho, which developed a dynamic Vinyasa flow style practice and emphasised the importance of moving with ease.

She has completed professional training in alignment and adjustment, and attends classes and workshops locally and nationally to maintain her own personal practice.

What to expect in Annah’s classes:

Her style is both dynamic and restorative, providing space, time and guidance for you to move, breathe and reconnect. Each class brings a fusion of traditional Hatha yoga postures, contemporary Vinyasa flow (linking breath with movement), practical breathing techniques and relaxation, accompanied by carefully selected music to ease you into movement.

In longer classes, Annah dedicates time to a lovely restorative Shavasana, incorporating Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) techniques and visualisations to promote deep relaxation.


As a languages graduate, qualified primary teacher, yoga instructor and trainee nutritional therapist, Annah has a broad and varied professional and academic background. She has travelled extensively, and spent time living and working in Australia, Spain and France. She is an eternal student; always wanting to learn more, and keen to share her knowledge and experience with others.

With four years teaching experience in primary schools, Annah has an acute awareness of children’s needs, and incorporates yoga practices into the school day to promote concentration, confidence and understanding of others. She has organised and delivered a specialised programme to A level dance students to increase strength and flexibility.

She has recently received a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, Annah hopes to combine her knowledge of physical yoga therapy with nutritional therapy to provide an integrated, functional approach to health and healing in the near future.