Penny Bayer

Penny Bayer

Qigong Instructor 

Qigong, Shi Ba Shi and 5 Elements 

Penny Bayer PhD trained as a Qigong teacher with Tai Chi Nation, focussing on sets of practices created for health and well-being (including Shi Ba Shi and 5 Elements). She is interested in passing on Qigong for health and well-being and making these simple beneficial practices accessible to all.

Penny has worked in the environmental, arts and heritage sectors, and has a PhD in women’s literature. Throughout her life she has practiced meditation in several traditions: Qigong, meditation in movement, has been a natural progression. Her interest in teaching Qigong is rooted in the wish to pass on the benefits she has experienced.

For questions or if you are interested in coming to class contact Penny – [email protected] / 01392 875523