Amy Chandler

Amy Chandler

Yoga Instructor

Hatha & Sivananda Yoga, Meditation 

Estuary Clinic Yoga

My classes are Hatha based, with flowing postures, combining a physical workout with breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. I love finding the fun and laughter in yoga.

I  completed my yoga teacher training in Kerala, India with Sivananda in 2012. Having spent time living in their wonderful Ashram and completing the most holistic and intense 200 hour training course, I began to appreciate and understand the more spiritual elements and I felt like my personal yoga journey had really began.

Since then I have gone on to complete Vinyasa flow training with Laura Gilmore at the Bristol School of Yoga, and 200 hour Joy of Life, teacher training with Dory Walker in Italy. This year I was lucky enough to complete my 500 hour advanced teacher training with Sivananda in their Ashram in the Bahamas.

I have been fortunate enough to travel and love the way yoga is practiced across the world and how it links like-minded people. I have dropped into classes far and wide, from Bali, Bangkok to Hong Kong, Bulgaria, San Francisco and LA.

Yoga brings different benefits to everyone. Some people can jump right in to chanting and meditation while others spend many years simply enjoying the postures and a deep sense of inner calm after a yoga class.

I believe in balance, some points of your life may require more yoga and self-discipline than others and often when life gets manic and demanding, this is when we need to find time to practice the most, to keep ourselves grounded and help us focus our energy on what is really important. When struggling to find time to practice yoga I always remind myself… no one ever said, I wish I hadn’t gone to yoga…

If you are interested in coming along or have any further questions please contact Amy Chandler on 07939870313 or email [email protected]