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Welcome to the Estuary Yoga Studio at the Estuary Clinic Topsham, Exeter. We have a wonderful team of experienced and knowlegable yoga teachers providing high quality yoga classes to the Topsham & Exeter community.

We have a weekly class schedule, workshops, retreats and will soon be running the awaited Yoga foundation teaching course

What we Offer

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Exeter Yoga Classes

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Exeter Yoga Workshops

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Why the Estuary Studio?

  • Team of Experienced & Knowledgable teachers
  • Professional excellence guaranteed
  • Maximum of 9 students per class enabling personal attention
  • Working within an integrated health team

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian science, which has evolved over thousands of years, and has been shown to improve health at all levels – physical, mental, social and spiritual.
In just one class, you will feel positive changes, and the more you practise, the greater the benefits.

The beauty about yoga is that it is for everyone, no matter what your age, size, ability, or fitness level. Yoga is non-competitive, it takes into consideration that everyone is different, so the class is your own, you choose what is right for you, but under expert supervision.

Styles of Yoga

You may have seen yoga classes described in a variety of ways. Under the umbrella term of ‘yoga’ (which means ‘union’), there are many different styles of teaching and approaches to the practice. These styles have been influenced by ancient traditions, dedicated experts, modern practices and a growing demand for better wellbeing in a fast-paced Western world.

It is important to remember that all forms of yoga carry the same objective – to cultivate a connection between body and mind, and develop a sense of inner peace, physical health and self respect.

Here is a short summary to describe each style of yoga we offer at Estuary Clinic. The best way to understand what yoga can offer you is to try a class. You can also contact us and speak to a teacher, who will help you find a class to suit your needs and abilities.

yogaThe mother of all yoga! A traditional form from which all other styles of yoga stem from. Hatha yoga originated in India, with the Indian sage Patanjali creating a comprehensive guide to the practice of yoga, known as the Yoga Sutras. Hatha yoga incorporates eight elements of practice, each one building towards a state of enlightened bliss. In a hatha class, asana (posture work) and pranayama (breath work) are most commonly practiced, to balance opposing energies in the body, and prepare the mind for meditation.
In a vinyasa class, movement is synchronised with breath to allow the student to flow from one posture to another with each inhale or exhale. Sun Salutations often feature in a vinyasa class – a sequence of postures, practiced at a pace, to warm up the body and tune in with the breath. Ashtanga yoga, Baptiste yoga, Jivamukti yoga and Power yoga can all be considered as a vinyasa flow style. With regular practice, you will build strength, flexibility, awareness of breath and a closer connection to your sense of wellbeing.
This traditional method of Yoga formed in India over 2,500 years ago and focuses on amalgamating physical strength and flexibility with meditation, pranayama and relaxation to gain an all round greater sense of well-being.

Ashtanga, meaning eight limbs, takes into consideration not only the physical element of yoga but also the mental and spiritual health aspects. By working on the mind and body together you can transform daily life and look upon things with a fresh perspective.

A strong class with long holds and deep breathing. Creating heat within the body to become supple and strong and overcome ailments. The primary series of Ashtanga Yoga focuses on a series of poses practiced in a particular order to optimise physical improvement. Beginning with a short meditation then warm-up and sun salutations, then working through standing postures, seated poses and inversions and then of course, relaxation.

As the name suggests, the focus of restorative yoga is relaxation, rest and restoration of energy. In a restorative class, well known postures are adapted and supported with the aid of blocks, bolsters and blankets, so that each pose can be held comfortably for a longer period of time without any strain on the body. The teacher may also make small adjustments to your posture, to help you release tension and sink deeper into a sense of stillness and surrender. Restorative classes give body and mind a chance to relax and let go and are a good complement to more active practices.
A slow paced class, this practice is best for those who want to improve flexibility and lengthen not only muscles, but ligaments and tendons too. It is a great complimentary practice to other forms of more dynamic ‘yang’ style yoga, holding each pose for between 3 and 5 minutes.
Moving in a very medative way we incorperate fluid connecting movements and slow vinyasa’s in between the long holds a deep postures, allowing the body to open up in a very natural way. We give in to gravity and focus on the releasing of tension and tightness so a more advanced yoga practice can unfold.

This class can be practiced by candlelight to make the atmosphere calm and restorative. Closing the eyes is encouraged to look within, to the self rather than focusing on the look of the physical pose. Instead we enjoy the feeling of each pose without judgement.

Meaning ‘yogic sleep’, yoga nidra is an incredibly restorative practice, where you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation, but remain alert and aware throughout. Most of the practice will take place lying down in ‘shavasana’, a comfortable restorative posture. The teacher will guide you through a series of breathing techniques, visualisations and mindfulness meditations. The practice cultivates a sense of calm, clarity and peace of mind, while allowing the physical body to rest and recuperate from the stresses of modern life. Suitable for all levels and abilities.

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