What is homeopathy?

homeopath exeter Samuel_Hahnemann_Homeopathy is a holistic complementary therapy developed by a German physician / chemist called Dr Samuel Hahnemann dating  from 1755-1843. It is based on the philosophical principle that  ‘ likes cure likes’. A principle from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and other ancient healers such as Paracelsus. It was believed that substance that produced symptoms in healthy people could be used to treat similar symptoms in ill people. With this in mind homeopaths believe that it promotes the bodies own defence mechanisms.

This principle can be observed with coffee drinkers. With some people coffee can be over stimulating, especially to sensitive people. Symptoms of restlessness or increased mental and physical alertness may occur making us over reactive to environmental stimuli e.g. noise or smell. Homoeopathically if a person presented with this over stimulated nervous system, Coffea cruda would be considered as a form of treatment.

Is homeopathy safe?

Homeopathy is a worldwide complementary / alternative therapy, with a 200 year history of clinical experience and is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a valid form of healthcare. Homeopathy has legal recognition as an individual system of medicine in 42 countries and is recognized as a part of complementary and alternative medicine in 28 others.

In the uk the main self-regulatory body for homeopathy is the society for homeopaths, overseen and registered with the Professional Standards Committee.

What can homeopathy help?

Homeopathy may be used for a variety of complaints. It is a traditional medicine and may be used alongside conventional treatments and medications when appropriate.

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You are encouraged to maintain regular contact with your medical professional, and continue with all prescribed medication.

What to expect on your first visit?

The first consultation usually last an our. A case history is taken involving a wide range of questions about your lifestyle, diet, likes and dislikes, and medical history. These will be in identifying the best form of treatment for you.

Treatment will then involve the prescription of the most suitable remedy, matching all of the symptoms and individual characteristics of the yourself and complaint.

Homeopathy research

The British Homeopathic Association has prepared a comprehensive list of positive trials investigating specific medical conditions that can be accessed here http://www.britishhomeopathic.org/conditions-with-overall-positive-evidence-for-homeopathy/.

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