5 Common Tennis Injuries

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Tennis season is now in full swing, Wimbledon is just a serve away, it’s tempting for those of us not in the world rankings to be inspired and hot foot it to the nearest tennis court, but often at the detriment to their health. Tennis is a wonderful sport and is great for maintaining your health, fitness, strength and agility. It’s …

singing pain away

Sing your pain away

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Start singing this weekend & you could sing your pain away It might sound unlikely, but singing can help to reduce pain. Chronic pain is estimated to affect around 14 million people of all ages in England. For some, this impacts greatly on their quality of life causing emotional, psychological and behavioural changes. Many people who suffer with chronic pain also …

preventing falls in winter

Preventing a fall in the snow & ice

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Staying safe during the cold snap As temperatures plummet this week and we are faced with our first snowfall of the winter, we are also at increased risk of injury through falling and slipping. Cracked ribs, broken wrists, twisted ankles, broken hips and many bumps and bruises are likely if the correct measures are not taken to try and avoid …

Physiotherapy or osteotherapy treatment path

Is Physiotherapy or Osteopathy the right treatment path for you?

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At this time of year we are often running on empty after a busy year juggling work, family and other commitments.  We are prone to more illnesses and accept when the colds and flu season comes by, like an uninvited guest, making their annual visit. Along with the darker nights and colder days our bodies start to feel the niggles …

Plantar Fascitis

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Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and is common in peopled aged 40-60. Those that are affected are generally people who are required to stand for long periods of time, walk or run on hard surfaces, either through sport or occupation and for the overweight. What causes it? Not stretching out your calf muscles …