Estuary Acupuncture Exeter

Here at the Estuary Clinic Topsham, Exeter we have a team of highly qualified Acupuncturists, all members of the British Acupuncture Council and British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Acupuncture treatments involve the insertion of very fine needles at specific points around the body in order to regulate blood flow, alleviate pain, move stagnation and balance emotions.

The overall aim of treatment is to alleviate patients’ symptoms as quickly and effectively as possible, whilst supporting general wellbeing and vitality to establish long-term health.

Regular treatment a few times a year can help to maintain a healthy balance and to prevent the development of symptoms. Advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise may also be given, where appropriate.

There is a growing body of well-researched evidence that shows acupuncture to be a cost effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. Acupuncture has been used as a mainstream medical modality in the East for between two and three thousand years.

Chinese medicine offers a unique overview of the combined effects of lifestyle, diet, work, environmental and internal physical and emotional factors on our health. It views each of us as an individual and believes that the natural state of the body and mind is one of balance and health.

Acupuncture thus typically favours minimal intervention, working with the
body’s own natural healing mechanisms to restore optimum health.

With the growing acceptance of acupuncture in western countries, modern clinical studies are beginning to shed light on the physiological effects that acupuncture has on the body. Considerable evidence had found that acupuncture initiates the release of the body’s natural pain control chemicals, opioid peptides, which create an analgesic effect.

The activation of the nervous system and certain parts of the brain have also been shown to be involved through the secretion of certain chemicals, changes in blood flow and an alteration in the way that the injured or problem area is sending information to and receiving information from the brain.

Other benefits include normalising communication within the nervous system, and promoting wellbeing and relaxation through neurochemical release, and other processes.


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